I won 1st place in the Maine Romance Writers Strut Your Stuff Contest!!!

Whoo! Hoo!!

I got a perfect score!


Maine Romance Writers

2017 Strut Your Stuff Contest

Title of Entry: Lead Me Into Temptation By Devon McKay

Category: Historical

Judge Number: J20



Violet Webster is a bride on the run. The last thing she’d wanted to do was get married…especially to a stranger twice her age. However, agreeing to be a mail order bride had been her only option and it paid the steep passage to San Francisco so she could locate her father. She’d find him too, if only her betrothed’s son would stay out of her way.

Garrett Sutherlin is on a mission. Delivering the striking, ebony haired beauty to his father’s doorstep not only pays off his debt, the effort will grant him freedom from the man’s condescending hold. As far as he’s concerned, Miss Webster’s made her own bed.

Unfortunately, his father will be the one to lie in it.


Judges: Rank the following questions on a scale of 1-5. Feel free to use ½ point values (3.5, 4.5, etc). Please also include one or two sentences in the comment section to give more information to the author.


5 = Wow! This really grabs me!

4 = Makes me want to read the Book!

3 = Intriguing: I want to know more

2 = Looks interesting

1 = So so



**  Judging Criteria Blurb  **


_____5_____ 1. Hook – Does this blurb grab your attention right from the start and make you want to find out more?


_____5_____ 2. Setting – Does this author’s blurb give you a sense of time and place for the story?


______5____ 3. Characters – Are the hero and heroine clearly defined and likeable? If there is a

villain, does this character seem to up the stakes?


_____5_____ 4. Conflict and Goals – Are the stakes (goals and conflicts, internal and external) for the hero and heroine clear and emotional, and do they appear to be strong enough to carry through the story?


_______5___ 5. Voice – Do you get a sense of the author’s voice in the blurb?


_______5___ 6. Tempo – Is the pacing of the blurb appropriate for the genre? (Is it too fast or too slow?)


_____5_____ 7. Length – Is this blurb the right length, offering enough information to make sense for the storyline, but not over-detailed with unnecessary information?


_____5_____ 8. Overall Effectiveness – Does this blurb do its job in intriguing you enough to buy this book?


_____40_______   TOTAL (40 points possible)





This portion of the score sheet is NOT judged

 Note: The following items have no bearing on the final score; they are for the author’s benefit only.

What, in particular, do you feel the author did very well in this entry?

It was perfect. It was engaging and intriguing with just enough of a hint to draw the reader in and make them want to read the rest of the story.

What, in particular, would you like to have seen the author do better in this entry?