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A fun interview with Jean M. Grant

Today on Riding With McKay I have the talented Jean M. Grant and her newest release, Soul of the Storm. But first, lets have a little fun.

What do you like to do when not writing? Flower gardening, baking, hiking.

Beach, lake, or mountains? Mountains with lakes.

If you could meet one famous person, living or dead, who would it be? I’d love to meet Elvis Presley or Eugenie Clark or Jacques Cousteau or Mr. Rogers. Living: Diana Gabaldon.

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why? A new shade of pink!

What are you known for? Talking to my flowers. Always having lip balm in my pocket and a coffee in my hand.

You find a $100 bill in your purse/bag, what would you spend it on? Date night (and babysitter).

How many hours a day (or week) do you write? It varies, on and off the entire day. Some days a good 6-8 hours. I’ve been a nooks and crannies writer, but now that I am home, I have longer stretches.

Favorite book of all time? Outlander.

You’re on a desert island, besides essentials, what do you bring? Lip balm. A lifetime supply.

Why read a novella in a series?

You can read it in a sitting or two.

You can read more than one in the series.

Sometimes it’s “just enough” when our TBR pile is gigantic.

Fewer characters to remember.

Without committing to a larger novel, you can get a taste for that author’s voice.

There is still a compelling plot and characters with goals, motivations, and conflict. Like Goldilocks, it can be “just enough.” Not too much, not too little.

Less subplots and timelines to juggle. The story gets straight to the chase.

You can get to the HEA (Happy Every After) faster.

They tend to be less verbose.

They are just fun.


Really. I have soft spot for reading novellas. I adore Diana Gabaldon’s big tomes, but I must admit that some of my favorites are her “bulges” as she calls them. Sweet, shorter side stories that flesh out the Outlander world.

Stories are meant to pull us in, make us think, provide entertainment, nurture whatever needs to be nurtured. So why not give a few of the Deerbourne Inn books a whirl? I know I’ve already read a few beside my own and plan to read a few more…

Soul of the Storm

Charlotte MacGregor lost the thrill of conquering mountains five years ago when her sister disappeared on a hiking adventure without her. Still guilt-ridden, Charlotte heads for a vacation to rustic Vermont with a friend—where she’s surrounded by reminders of her devastating loss and plagued with unanswered questions.

Matiu Christiansen is an outdoors buff. He works multiple jobs to save for his dream of owning an outfitter in New Zealand. He’s never quite felt at home in the United States and he yearns for his Maori roots, but his attraction to Charlotte puts a kink in his plans to move home later this year. Thrown together by coincidence, Charlotte and Matiu form a kindred bond through their shared love of the outdoors. Can Charlotte surmount her demons to assist Matiu on a rescue when a late-season snowstorm hits? And can Matiu help Charlotte heal from the pain of the past?

Soul of the Storm excerpt

She went to feel her ring on her finger with her thumb…but the ring wasn’t there. That old habit would not die even years later.

A dog bark intruded. The man crossed to the back door. “Reka, sweet girl, take your nap. Only a few hours here and then home, okay?” He spoke to her like a father to a toddler. The dog barked again. “A swim and walk this morning weren’t enough for you?”

He approached the dog, petted it, and whispered affections.

Charlotte made a soundless “Aww” and kept perusing.

The man returned, nearer. Residual sweat traced his brow. He pointed to a selection of books in the middle. “These are the best. Depends on what you’re looking for. Honest reviews or glorified fantasies?”

“Honest reviews, always.”

He stroked a hand through his neck-length black hair, the longer top layer falling over his forehead. He squatted and withdrew a few books from the lower shelf. “You could go with the popular or famous names, sure, but I like these authors.” He handed her one.

A book on South America sat in her hands. She muttered, “Thanks. Don’t need that one.”

“Oh, already been there, eh? All good, all good.” He took it and shoved it back on the shelf. “Where do your dreams lie then?”

She swallowed. No, I wasn’t there in that way. I was supposed to have been there. Five years ago. Instead she said, “Well, Vermont for now.” “You’re in luck. I’m from Willow Springs.”

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Jean’s background is in science and she draws from her interests in history, nature, and her family for inspiration. She writes historical and contemporary romances and women’s fiction. She also writes articles for family-oriented travel magazines. When she’s not writing or chasing children, she enjoys tending to her flower gardens, hiking, and doing just about anything in the outdoors.


  1. Thanks for hosting me today! Readers, what would you bring on a deserted island (other than the usual survival gear/food)?

  2. Thanks again for hosting me! 🙂

  3. I agree with you about novellas. This post was great. Good luck, Jean.

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